The Labours That Break

And The Courage to Mend

Multi-Award-Winning South African

Old Tom Gin

What is “Old Tom” style?

Sometimes called, “The missing link”, a true Old Tom already invokes an aura of mystery. Slightly sweeter and stronger than a London Dry, but drier than the Dutch Genever; like the cat for which it is named, it slips its way as smoothly into a Martini as it capers into a summery Tom Collins.

The Kintsugi Flavour Experience

An epic adventure of the Spirit

Like the Gold award that it won and the gold that is integral to the Kintsugi philosophy, our gin is laced with golden fynbos honey, distilled with drops of golden orange and infused with spicy saffron: worth its weight in gold.
With a higher alcohol volume of 47% to bring out the sweetness, citrus and spice, it is truly an experience worth savouring.

Gin has come a long way and gone on many adventures. Its history hasn’t always been pretty and it hasn’t always been seen in a favourable light. In more recent times it has reformed itself, mended it’s broken image, refined the rough edges and been re-birthed as a truly unique and magnificent spirit.
The story of gin is the story of every one of us – the story of kintsugi: finding beauty in the imperfect whole.
Gin is on an adventure, perhaps entering its golden age now. You are on an adventure – the adventure of living: breaking, mending and rising renewed and resilient. So share the story of your Kintsugi, your golden joinery with a gin and a friend.
The Dawn of Gin

As the story goes, the first time that juniper was combined with alcohol was as far back as 70A.D. Juniper Berries were steeped in wine for medicinal use. So, for us, the first gin was an Old Tom – sweet and junipery – and our exotic list of ingredients reads like an elixir from these most ancient times.


Finding Strength, Humility and Beauty in the imperfect whole

Let our Multi-Award-Winning Kintsugi Gin knit your friendship together with golden threads. Let the honey add sweetness, and the saffron add spice, and find the gold in each moment of this adventure called life.

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