About Us

An epic adventure

of the Spirit

An epic adventure of the Spirit
The labours that break
And the courage to mend
Finding Strength, Humility
and Beauty
In the imperfect whole

– Kintsugi Gin

The Team

A quintessential East-meets-West band of misfits

Little did we know that a chance convergence in London in 2007 was the start of a great journey and that 10 years later, we’d still be good friends, chatting with glasses of gin in hand, when an off-hand remark: “Why don’t we make our own gin?” would turn into an epic adventure of the spirit.

It would test our own spirits – our fortitude, our staying power. But luckily, we had inspiration to stay the course by having to taste test a lot of what we believe to be the most beautiful spirit in the world: GIN!

Kintsugi Gin is the trading name for Vizero (Pty) Ltd company registration # 2011/100393/07

Our Distiller

an experimental micro distillery pursuing artisan small batch spirits influenced by nature

New Harbour Distillery is a company of creative scientific individuals who combine botany, science and alchemy, to create handcrafted spirits using a combination of modern innovative and experimental distilling techniques, which is a harder way to distil, but in the end produces a product in our eyes that is vastly more authentic and superior.

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Our Philosophy

Echoing the philosophy of the art of Kintsugi

The craft of Kintsugi (repairing broken crockery with gold) is an expression of the Japanese philosophy of mushin no shin (the mind without mind) which has nuances of existing in the moment, of non-attachment to the physical and acceptance of change. Cracks and then repair are part of our history and not something to be covered up or hidden. The beauty of the Kintsugi method adds to the value of the object and it becomes better than new. However, the beauty is not only in the gold, but in the recognition of the continuity within the rupture, and fragility healed with resilience.

We wanted to create a product of distinction: a product as unique as each person who enjoys it.

Sharing a Kintsugi gin with a friend is an experience, a golden joining, if you will.

As you share your time, you are in the moment: mushin no shin, and as you share your stories, your cracks shine and you are valued for who you are. There is nothing quite like Kintsugi gin, and there is no one quite like you. We hope that our gin will become a part of your journey.